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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: @anu_chayil talks about Grooming Essentials For The Men



Most men consider the grooming process to be unnecessary but this is not true. You may not want to spend too much money on products or waste time getting dressed in the morning however everyone wants to look good, clean and attractive. So here is a list of non-exclusive items that will help you maintain a less consuming grooming routine.

Hair products like Shampoo, Conditioner and Cream – Please stop using antiseptic soap to scrub from your hair down to your feet, you can try an affordable baby soap if getting a shampoo is over the top for you. Having that nice soft or even ‘no-scent’ clean smell is better than harshness of smelling like Canfor or soda.

Oil for your body, hair and beard – You may decide to ignore getting separate oils for your hair and body but please do not leave your body dry or your hair hard and brittle.

Post shave Balm – If you choose not to keep facial hair then shave properly and do have the necessary products to keep that space fresh, bump free and nice to touch.

Lip balm – there are lip products with no flavour or simply use Vaseline but please stop living your life with cracked or white lips.

Face scrub-Face scrubs are not for only females; they make your skin smooth eliminating dirt, dead skin, blackheads, pimples. You can decide to use natural or home made products like honey and sugar or sea salts.

Sponge – Just like scrubs, sponges were not made for only females, in fact I believe you people need it more than we do. Don’t step into the shower and use only soap and your hands, a sponge is essential.

Additional Mouth cleaning product – You need to agree that a regular tooth brush and toothpaste once a day doesn’t just perfect the work. Please add any or most of these; tongue scraper, floss, mouthwash, a second and different toothpaste or salt.

Cotton Board –This is stating the obvious yet I realise a lot of men do not feel the need to clean out their ears. It is advisable to clean out ear wax that has accumulated to prevent any discomfort and also clean the outer ear with wipes.

Manicure set – Teeth or blade are not allowed on the list of utensils to use to keep your nails low and clean. Besides, having your own nail cutter, cuticle remover, tweezers, and scissors is more hygienic than using any random one you find. Remember that long, dirty nails are not attractive.

Scenting substance –It will not hurt to reiterate it; Deodorant, Body mist, Perfume, Eau de perfume (less concentrated and more affordable than perfumes) and please maintain a balance, do not overwhelm people with your scent.

Do not think it stressful or expensive; there are affordable options for everything nowadays but think about the rewards of being nice looking with your soft hair, smooth skin, bright smile, smelling crisp and just oozing all that manly cleanness (if there is such a thing).

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