PDP Did Not Lose The 2015 Election And APC Did Not Win – Says Adamu Ciroma

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Former Minister of Finance and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mallam Adamu Ciroma has said that the failure of the All Progressive Party to meet he expectation of Nigerians has made the Peoples Democratic Party revamp as it still dominate political discourse in the country.

Mallam Adamu Ciroma stated this in Abuja when members of the Board of trustees of the party visited him in his residence to ask him to intervene in the on going crisis in the party.

According to him, what has played out so far since the APC administration took over after winning the 2015 elections indicate that “PDP did not lose and APC did not win because APC has a lot to do. When you talk about politics you talk about PDP. When you talk of politics people talk about PDP as If APC does not exist. So far APC is not playing the right role?.

“Just before the last elections and when we saw the trend of event, I warned members of the PDP to prepare itself for whatever eventuality that may come. APC must play the right role. So far they have not played that right role.. PDP must be ready to catch on the mistakes of the APC” he said.

According to the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, politicians must learn to make the masses the centrepiece of their politics.

“Politics will aways be there” he said and “there must be good and bad people who participate in it. Everybody who participate in politics does so for good cause and that good cause is of the interest and political stability of all Nigerians.

“I insist that people must play the rightful role in politics and that role is to promote the interest of the poor masses. Anybody can make a mistake. The beauty of it is that every party that has a chance to rule has the chance to make mistakes. ”

APC will make a lot of mistake and PDP must be ready to put things right and all of you must be ready to contribute participate and get involved for the interests of Ordinary Nigerians” he said.

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