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“If IBB Drops Dead, It Will Not Take More Than Five Minutes To Announce It” -Aide Says Babangida Is Alive

For the second time in less than two months, the rumoured death of former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida has once again rented the air through some social media postings but with a swift reaction from his Hill top residence in Minna, Niger state that he is still alive, hail and hearty.

One of the social media sites had, yesterday, indicated that the former military president had died in Germany and that he would be buried in Minna his home town today by 2pm.

Reacting to the rumour, spokesman of the General, Alhaji Mahmud Abdullahi, described the development as a figment of lies by the authors who are only out to spread falsehood about the man.

He said, “General Babangida is an international figure whose identity cannot be hidden whether alive or dead. I can tell you categorically that Gen. Babangida is alive and had crossed over from Germany to Switzerland two days ago without any problem and infact, he spoke with many in Minna today, (yesterday). I can also tell you that nobody will hide his death from anybody. If IBB drops dead today, it will not take more than five minutes to announce it and the burial rites.”

On April 24 this year, Gen. Babangida while reacting to his death reports told journalists that the rumour did not shock him neither did it bother him because death is the end of any human being.

“The rumor does not shock me neither does it bother me because I know I must go and meet my creator. There is nothing really to worry about because my religion has told me much about death and we must all go at the appointed time.

“Therefore as a Muslim, I strongly believe everybody has to die. It could be now or in hundred years time or two days to come but the time doesn’t matter because nobody can predict that day or time,” IBB stressed.

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