Pat Utomi Says Buhari Knows Nothing About The Economy, “He Should Shut Up”

Professor Pat Utomi has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari for the statement he made in Kenya saying that he would not devalue the Naira.

Prof. Utomi stated categorically that President Buhari had no knowledge of the economy and should allow those who do speak on the matter.

“The economic situation is a very big issue and there are many problems that have converged. We are just paying for our sins. We are paying for not having done what we should have done. Who gets a windfall for a very long time? Oil is a very volatile commodity…we had a big boom but we squandered everything.”

”We need a disciplined and focused political leadership at this time. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are quite there.”

“Somebody like him should not be talking about such things. Keep quiet…he has created a major problem for the Nigerian economy by that statement”.

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