Ex-militant Leader, Ateke Tom Says The Supreme Court Verdict Affirming Wike Averted Bloodshed

Former Niger Delta ex-militant leader, Ateke Tom has said the verdict of the apex court that affirmed Chief Nyesom Wike as the governor of Rivers State averted bloodshed and killing that could have taking place during governorship re-run election in the state.

Ateke who spoke Friday at his family house in Ngeme-Biri Komju, Okrika Local government of Rivers State alleged that killing , rape, intimidation and harassment were ongoing before the supreme court judgment.

He added that the ruling has reduced tension and averted deaths of innocent citizens of the state.
He accused some politicians in the state of using the military to intimidate Governor Wike’s supporters in the name of searching for illegal arms.

He said his house was the next to attack before God used the Supreme Court Judges to stop them.

“My brother Rivers State was set for another bloody killing; if you look at the security situation of the state you will understand that killing, rape, intimidation injustice and harassment were ongoing before the Supreme Court verdict.

“They started with Wike Supporters; houses were being raid by military in the name of retrieving illegal arms. A lot of people were killed; you can imagine somebody like me who is a peacemaker in Niger Delta region was targeted. My house was the next; I thank God for what had happened.”

On the resumed attack on the oil pipelines in Niger Delta region, Ateke said those blowing up pipelines are on their own. He warned Niger Delta youths to desist from any act capable of sabotaging the Nigeria economy.

He cautioned youths in Rivers State who are planning to hijack the national and state house of Assemblies elections in the state to give peace a chance and allow election to take place under the atmosphere of free and fair election.

The ex-war lord, also called on Nigerian to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign, stressing that Buhari is a nice man and only need the support of all to succeed if he stays away from wrong advices.

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