“We Will Not Be Disrespected” – Emir Sanusi SUBs Igbos, Warns Agitators To Avoid Repeat Of 1966 Coup

Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II on Thursday said there could be a repeat of the 1966 military coup if a section of the country continues to fan embers of violence and disunity of the country.

Sanusi pointed out that it was such issues of dissaffection from a section of the country then that ignited the coup that claimed the life of the premier of Northern Nigeria, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, and other national leaders in the country at that time.

In his brief remarks during the 50th commemoration of the death of the Sardauna, the Emir of Kano said Nigerians have moved beyond the 1966 coup, but according to him, it appears history is being repeated.

“We must not allow history to repeat itself,” he warned.

Though the Emir avoided making reference to Biafra agitators, he maintained that Nigerians who are allegedly fanning the embers of violence and disunity of the country should stop it to avoid backlash.

Sanusi, who observed that every section of the country had at one time tasted power and as well produced bad or good leaders, said all sections of the country must come together and move on as one country, adding “We must not fail to learn from the past. We cannot get back to religious and ethnic divides. We are calling for tolerance and peace but we will not be allowed to be disrespected.”

In his keynote address, entitled ‘The North, 50 Years After Sir Ahmadu Bello’, Ambassador Yusuf Maitama Sule emphasized the need for northern leaders to ensure the good values left behind by Sardauna and his colleagues were not thrown overboard.

According to him, in the days of Sarduana, north was a united region, noting “We were our brothers’ keepers, we are no longer our brothers’ keepers, things have gone astray.

“We used to respect our elders and the constituted authority, but today the respect is no longer there, today there is chaos in
politics, immorality in the society. We need leaders, not rulers.

“If we follow the philosophy of Sardauna, Nigeria will be better for it. However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for a better Nigeria.”
He expressed optimism that Nigeria under the present leadership will overcome its problems.

Also in his own speech, the former governor of Niger State and Chairman of the board of trustees of Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, Alhaji Muazu Babangida Aliyu described Sardauana as a generous northern leader who carried everybody along irrespective of religious and
ethnic differences.

He expressed regret that with all Sarduana’s power and influence, he died a poor man with no bank account because he never amassed wealth from public funds.


  1. Sanusi the fake Emir of Kano, installed by the Yorubas——————- was the rogue who started the fight against the Ijaw Nation via his quarrel with Jonathan- The lies he told the world about Jonathan stealing 20b–Is Buhari still investigating the theft of the 20b since his voctory by the CIA? An issue which he foolishly turned into an ethnic matter for the Apes in APC–Every Human Being or ethnic group in Nigeria, have the unalienable right to self-determination-in accordance with the ARTICLES THAT ESTABLISHED THEUN -The Fulanis will never deceive the people of the South-south to follow them sheepishly as we did during the civil war- AGAIN. As a matter of fact—Any Nigerian who believes in the Fulanis, is doing so at his own peril–Rather than have Sanusi who stole CBN blind, preach unity–and share ideas as a former CBN governor on how to move the economy forward, the mumu is here issuing vile threats to the Ibos–and the Ijaw Nation–As a matter of fact, I blame the Ibos who often turn around at night to appeal to these same Fulanis for help at the end of the day–Separation is the only answer not the rule of the Fulanis ati their Yoruba traitors and their Ibo surrogates—-

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