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Police Fire Ammunitions Into The Air, Several Persons Injured After Thugs Disrupt Kaduna Music Festival



Several persons reportedly injured on Sunday after violence broke out towards the end of the two-day Kaduna Music Festival.

Police fired teargas and shot into the air as some attendees engaged security operatives in a scuffle at the event organised by the Kaduna State Government.

The violence started as the Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Aminu Shagali, gave his closing remarks.

Some youth jumped on the stage and threw sticks and bottles at the police and other security officials present at the venue.

Attendees at the event have, however, said the violence was caused by thugs from different parts of the state. One attendee, who identified himself as Kasimu Awwal, narrated how it started.

“The event was actually ending, because the Speaker asked for one minute silence for those who lost their lives in the Zaria soldiers Shi’ite clash,” Mr Awwal, who sustained injuries on his hand, said.

“From where I was standing some boys started stoning from the other side of the stadium saying they identify someone they have been looking for to retaliate for attacking their lover in Tudun -Wada two weeks ago.

“I understand they are from Kabala area. I quickly left that side before it started getting tense. The police tried to prevent them immediately while they kept engaging each other with stadium seats and sticks.”

“People started running toward the exit of the stadium. some people sustained injuries,” he added.

Mr. Awwal commended security operatives at the scene, saying the situation could have gotten worse.

“If not for the intervention of security operatives, the situation would have been very bad,” he said. “They were very alert and were able to disperse the youth from the stadium immediately the mayhem began.

“Thugs from various part of the state take advantage of gatherings like this to settle grudges among themselves.”

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