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Controversial Police Chief, Joseph Mbu Admits Officers Are Underappreciated



By Chris Nomjov

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Joseph Mbu, has charged police officers to remain bold and never succumb to harassment and intimidation.

Mbu said the efforts of police officers are hardly ever appreciated, stating that they are heavily criticized for small mistakes, while their accomplishments are never rewarded nor publicised.

Mbu, who is now the Chief Commandant of the Police Staff College; is prominently remembered for his power tussle with former Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, while he was Commissioner of Police in the state.
He disclosed this on Friday, when he addressed Deputy and Assistant Commissioners of Police, who had completed the Strategic Leadership Command Course 2 in Jos.

“You must read your police laws and know your powers; you must ensure that you do not abuse such powers.

“Once you know those laws, be guided by them and carry out your duties diligently without any fear; never allow anyone, especially politicians, to cajole, harass or intimidate you.’’

“There is something you must always keep in your head; you’re kept there to protect the poor and the helpless; you must respect the job and strive to ensure that you do not disgrace the force.

“We do so much for the Nigerian society; we hit back at armed robbers and recover stolen bullion vans.

“We also engage in several battles with criminals and terrorists, but once there is one slight mistake by one officer, all our achievements become useless.

“The media and public will hammer on only that one mistake. There is always tension. Once it starts from the Inspector General, it gets down to all of us. The IGP is usually faced with so many challenges and will have to do so many things at the same time.

“But amidst all the challenges, we must trudge on. No police officer should be a coward. We must look at leaders, be them politicians or anybody, and tell them the truth. We must tell the consequences of any evil deed they are mooting.

“Sometimes, they can tell you that they are the Chief Security Officers, but it is only with that truth that you can earn your respect.”

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