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PDP Is A Sinking Party That Will Soon Disappear Says APC



The All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday asked the People Democratic Party (PDP) to atone for its mistakes of the last 16 years by returning public funds allegedly looted by its members .

The APC said this is the is the only way Nigerians will believe that the party is serious about rebranding.

Acting National Publicity Secretary of the party, Comrade Timi Frank said in a statement last night that anything short of PDP atoning for its mistakes and returning the looted funds will amount to playing the ostrich.

Frank described the PDP as a sinking party that cannot be redeemed and which will soon disappear from the nation’s political space.

He said that the opposition party’s remarks on the composition of President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet was a clear sign of the frustrations of a political party headed for extinction.

The PDP had criticised the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari as not being inspirational, adding that Nigerians should not expect any changes, but the APC said while the PDP may chose to see nothing good in the new cabinet, a close look at the cabinet would show a deviation of the past where political frivolities took precedence over national interest as was the case during the ‘devastating’ years of PDP’s reign.

Frank said : “a careful look at PMB’s cabinet will reveal a well-marshalled and highly articulated reorganisation of ministries that have competent hands put in place to ensure delivery of set goals and objective of the APC -led government in line with the change mantra of the government.

“What we have in place is a deviation from the past where the PDP -led government constituted a government of convenience, not minding the devastating effects and if the Nigerian people were better off.

“The change in cabinet style will reflect in the execution of government policies for which in few months to come Nigerians will begin to feel the impacts and appreciate the change promised them by our Party and President.

“For a party which only placed the resources of our nation for the past 16 years in the hands of select individuals, who entrenched poverty and reduced the quality and standards of our lives, begging Nigerians must not be enough. The must have the courage to return all our looted funds. Only then can Nigerians take them serious.

“The President has manifested through his cabinet that he is serious at revamping the Nigerian economy and ensuring that the wasted years of the PDP must never be allowed to continue. What he needs is the nation’s collective and full support and not the distractions of rebirth- seeking party”.

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