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Lamar Odom Out Of Coma, Breathing On His Own And Speaks To Khloé Kardashian



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Lamar Odom appears to be on the road to recovery, the NBA Star has woken up from a coma he slipped into after being hospitalized on Tuesday, following a drug overdose at a brothel in Nevada, and is able to communicate, E! News reports.

On Friday, Odom opened his eyes, saw Khloé Kardashian, who has been by his bedside as he fights for his life, said, “Hey, baby,” gave her a thumbs up and then went back to sleep, a source told E! News.

The source also said he is no longer using a breathing tube. Another source told E! News on Friday afternoon Odom is speaking and functioning.

In addition to Khloé, 31, he us with his children and other family members, including cousins. Khloé, who arrived with mom Kris Jenner and several of her sisters, had had Odom’s father, his two kids and their mother flown in to see him.

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