“Govt Should Be Nationalistic” – Arewa Expresses Reservation Over Buhari’s Lopsided Appointments

President of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, Yerima Shettima has expressed his reservations over the recent appointments made by President Buhari.

According to him, it appears the appointments are lopsided and that government should be seen as nationalistic not sectionalised.

“It is unfortunate the way the situation is, because one becomes worried. We must be seen to be nationalistic than being sectionalised. I am beginning to feel uncomfortable because the complaint is that the appointments are seen to be lopsided. I also do not think that is the intention of the government.

However, no matter how we pretend, the reality is that things are not done in the right way. The government should be seen to be more nationalistic than sectionalised. If we truly believe in true federalism and federal character, it should go round. We cannot say that a particular area has the best brains in the country. I think the government should look into that area thoroughly in as much as the President has good intentions.”he told Vanguard.

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