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EFCC Official Accuses The Senate Of “Scandalising” EFCC Chair, Lamorde Over Bukola Saraki’s Wife

The efforts by the senate to investigate Ibrahim Lamorde, Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly diverting N1 trillion recovered from corrupt politicians, are down to EFCC’s recent probe of Toyin Saraki, wife of the senate President, an official of the commission tells TheCable.

The Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions will on Wednesday begin a probe of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Lamorde, over an allegation that he fraudulently diverted over N1tn proceeds of corruption recovered by the anti-graft agency.

Part of the money alleged by a petitioner to have been diverted by the EFCC boss included the loot recovered from a former Governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha; and ex-Inspector-General of Police, Tafa Balogun.

The petitioner, Mr. George Uboh, whose complaint to the Senate prompted the probe, has been invited to appear before the Senate committee at Meeting Room 120 of the New Senate Building, National Assembly Complex, Abuja, by 10am on Wednesday.

However, EFCC official on Monday said that the senate “was trying scandalise” the commission because of its investigation of Toyin Saraki, wife of Bukola Saraki, senate President. He also said Lamorde had not received an official invitation from the senate.

“There is nothing like summon or official invitation from the senate” the source tells TheCable.

“What is supposedly petition by the senate is something engineered by the leadership of the senate because we are investigating the wife of the senate President”.

The EFCC is currently investigating Bukola Saraki over and offence of money laundering she allegedly committed while her husband was the governor of Kwara state.



  1. Saliu Kadri

    Nawa ooooo. So because EFCC invited mrs Saraki, now the senate must not fix any abnormality with the commission abi
    Nigeria is just so messed up that even the corrupt will refuse to remove the log in their own eyes but rather raise the roof over the speck in another’s. This change we voted for must get across every quarter and sector of the country; even the presidency!!

  2. Oluwanitemi

    Their yarsh don open, I keep on wandering after some years of silence till Buhari was elected the president I never heard anything about EFCC investigating this or that. I guess they knew what was coming at them so they had to use Toyin Saraki as a means of cover-up so they wont be caught and also they must have been paid too to prob her of what she knows nothing about.. shame to Lamorde and EFCC.

  3. Lukuman Babatunde

    Simply because the EFCC invited saraki’s wife should now mean they shouldn’t carry on with their jurisdiction? Haba!
    Nawa for these people o.

    Imagine, a whole N1 trillion that was recovered…..This is really interesting.

    He that comes to Equity must come with clean hands. Seems they forgot that he who lives in glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

    I have always known that the senate president wife’s invitation was all politically motivated. Now the machination is boomeranging and they are now pointing accusing fingers.

    If the chair is a looter (or connived with looters) then there is no hiding place for him. He must be made to dance to the tune he has been playing for others.

  4. Oluwanitemi

    Wonder when this corruption of a thing will stop in Nigeria. In as much as the EFCC boss could divert N1 trill gotten from corrupt politicians that shows that everybody in Nigeria should be investigated including me myself… Felt so bad after getting the news.

  5. Anthony

    The media these days is surprisingly full of different junks. A few days ago it was the story that the senate president is pleading with tinubu. Now it is that the senate is out on revenge on the efcc. Just as we all want things to fall in place in the country, we should also try and appreciate each sector as they are doing their functions and not criticize. We need sanitation in every sector so that we can have a workable admin.

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