‘Emeka Ike Must Be Demented,’ Ibinabo Fiberesima Fires Back

Following the allegation by actor Emeka Ike, that Ibinabo Fiberesima was behind the news that his marriage has broken down and his Magodo tenancy is in trouble, the mother of three has expressed shock and disbelief.

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Ibinabo reported to be holidaying with her family in the United Kingdom at the moment, replied, ‘Haa, that boy has gone mad. Me Ke? What is my business with him?’

‘I thought he lives in a hotel. He must definitely be on very cheap drugs. I don’t know why he keeps referring to me. The case is between him and the Board of Trustees. He called me to help him push them over it, then he went to the press to curse me over it. He must be truly demented.’

Fiberesima and Ike have been at war of words over the last 12-months to determine who leads the Actors Guild of Nigeria,

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