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I Don’t Support Slashing Salaries Of Political Appointees Says APC Chairman



Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Jigawa, Alhaji Ado Sani Kiri, yesterday kicked against the proposed cut in the salaries and allowances enjoyed by political office holders in Nigeria.

Kiri who spoke to Daily Trust, said the solution to the financial crisis in the country is blocking all leakages in the economy.

“I want to place it on record that the so-called agitation by civil society and some Nigerians for slashing the allowances and emolument of National Assembly members and other political office holders because of the financial crisis in the country is misplaced.

“The monies and asset owned by some directors and permanent secretaries sitting under air conditioner cannot be compared to anything earned by the politicians. The N20 billion dollars missing oil money and the national pension scam were not done by politicians. So we should focus on the real problem instead of chasing shadows,” he said.

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