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“The North Is Not Ready To Hear The Truth” Says Sheikh Ahmed Gumi



In an exclusive interview with Sahara Reporters, Islamic scholar and renowned leader, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi, provided his perspective on how Nigerians should fight Boko Haram. He was critical of the way Nigerians have thought about the issue.

“The North is not ready to hear the truth.”

Gumi suggested that Muslims in Nigeria aren’t aware of who their enemy really is. He believes that if Northerners can correctly identify the ones who are killing them. They can successfully defeat Boko Haram.

“We Muslims need to face the fact that some of us are killing some of us. Being a military man, he will stand up to see that he defeats Boko Haram. The fundamentalists may now feel more invigorated to fight till the end. There’s a chance that there may be more violence than before.” said Gumi

Sheikh Gumi also showed appreciation for former President Goodluck Jonathan’s conduct during the elections.

“President has showed a lot of statesmanship by conducting one of the fairest elections in the country, and then peacefully seceding to the winner.

“We are happy that things turned out peacefully.”

He also gave us his opinion on what he thinks about President Buhari’s new administration.

“We hope that President Buhari will conduct himself in the most amicable manner to drive this nation to safety.”

Gumi also had significant insight on what kind of leadership he believes is necessary to lead Nigeria out of its recent troubles.

“Leadership entails a lot of things, it’s not just about being honest, you need flexibility and other qualities, sometimes you have to be a fool to be a leader. Even the support Buhari got from the south is because they want him to do something drastic, drastic moves always backfire. Nigeria can’t take a drastic move, it needs a gradual process of getting there.”

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