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Kayode Ajulo: Muhammadu Buhari’s Inaugural Speech Was ‘Clueless’ & Lacks Direction



Having read and listened to the inaugural speech of General Mohammadu Buhari even with high expectations, one can deduce that Mr President conspicuously refused to dwell on burning issues like unpaid salaries of Nigerian workers who are groaning in pains with no respite on sight.

He equally failed to clarify in simple terms how corruption will be tackled despite directing Army Command to move to Maidiguri to overrun the outlawed religious sect, Boko-Haram, a decision which is quite commendable.

Buhari’s speech was vague, not direct and very disappointing in my view; yes he mentioned that he will tackle rot in the power sector, but he never said how.

Another intrigue that his speech has triggered was the fact that nothing was mentioned by this nascent government on foreign policy or bilateral relations as the case may be, despite having over 40 foreign leaders as his listening audience.

I thought the focus would have been on strengthening existing law-enforcement capabilities, constitutional crisis, improving socio-economic conditions and redeeming (all or few) of the promises made during the electioneering campaigns and giving us the workable models through which these could be achieved, honestly Nigeria is expectant.

Agreed, the President’s speech could not have covered every conceivable issue; however, the commander-in-chief cannot brush these issues aside because all key stakeholders wanted to hear from him, it is from him that they take their cue respectively.

There cannot be sustainable growth, higher productivity, job creation or economic development in a crime-infested environment, where businesses cannot operate around the clock, or where labour cannot move freely around or get rewarded. The crime situation is symptomatic of a deeper social issue; we need to pay keen attention and do all we can at the highest level to tame and correct the causation.

President Buhari also needs to be reminded that election campaigns are over as he still sounded as if he’s still wooing electorates for votes.

In a nutshell the speech utterly lacks direction and therefore a disappointment.


Olukayode Ajulo,
National Secretary, Labour Party.


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  1. Olutoyin Ogunmuyiwa

    2015/05/30 at 1:09 pm

    There have been so many recurring speeches as regular normal feeds to Nigerians as fakes and vagues hence actions will determine with results for where we are and where we are heading to on the moment platform. Therefore, tautology should not be the issue but results oriented bold actions.

  2. Mustapha Usman Dangana

    2015/05/30 at 1:49 pm

    I bet mr kayode doesnt know or understand the dofference between a speech and a manifesto. a speech os a summary of points related to a particular issue(s) whereas manefesto is the elaboration and giving out a clear picture of a particular issue(s). are u expecting him to give a full detail of his plan for the country in the presence of such dignitries by keeping them for hours.please have a rethink and it is not as if you must comment on all national issues before you gain yourself and your party popularity. thank you.#peace.

  3. Sola Akinwande

    2015/05/30 at 9:53 pm

    This is one the most uncharitable comments I have read in recent times. You expected the president to dwell and give details on all that need to be done in an inaugural speech. We need to put politics aside and face realities on how to join hands together and move forward. It’s too early to engage in destructive criticism . We do not need long speeches but actions and results.

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