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‘I Would Love To See My Wife’s Face’ – Cobhams Asuquo Talks About Life’s Wish



Ace music producer, songwriter and singer Cobhams Asuquo said one of his life’s wish is to see what his wife, Ojuola, looks like.

“Yes, I would love to regain my sight even if it is for one day just to see my wife’s face. That is one of the things that would make her happy.” Cobhams made the statements in an interview with Punch Newspaper.

Asked if she wished Cobhams had his sight just to see what she looked like, Ojuola, who married Cobhams in 2010, said it doesn’t matter to her…

“No, I don’t and I have never wanted him to have his sight for the reason you mentioned. If I ever want him to have his sight, it is because I wish he can see more of everyday things. For instance, if I am narrating an incident to him or if there is something really nice I want to show him, at times like that I wish he could see. Because he is my gist partner, I often wish he can see the expression on my face when we are talking.

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