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Nigerian Customs Arrest 4 Chinese, Seized Smuggled Textile Materials



The Nigeria Customs Service has arrested four Chinese who are in the business of smuggling and storing prohibited textile material in private warehouses at Gandun Albasa commercial Layout of Kano, Kano state.

Leader of the CGC Task Force, Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Hassan Shallangwa said the operations that lead to the seizure and arrest of these suspects was planned and coordinated by the Comptroller-General of Customs Dikko Inde Abdullahi, CFR.

Shallangwa said the CGC had received information which he investigated and sent undercover operatives to monitor the area until when he was certain that smuggled textile materials were being stored in some private warehouses, before he directed the Headquarters Anti-Smuggling Task Force to storm the area with a view to seizing the smuggled goods and arresting all that are connected to it.

Shallangwa decried a situation where other nationals would chose to disrespect the laws of the land and engage in activities that can negatively affect the ongoing efforts of the Government to industrialize the Country and raise the standard of living of Nigerians. He Said “We are Nigerians and have no other country to call our own, hence will not tolerate any person, no matter where he comes from to disrespect the laws of our country”.

So far, six warehouses have being opened and found to be fully stocked with smuggled assorted textile materials. Over twenty other warehouses are suspected to be containing same items. All the warehouses are sealed and investigation into these illegalities has already commenced.

The valuation unit of the Service are presently working on the quantity and value of the seizure which is expected to run into billions of naira.

Shallangwa assured law abiding business men and women that they have nothing to fear as the Service is not out to witch hunt any person but determined to cripple illegitimate businesses and facilitate legitimate trade.

The four Chinese persons are to be charged to court immediately.

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