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“Dino Should Tell Us Where He Got Money For His Fleet Of Cars” Nigerians Blasts Melaye For Leading Campaign Against NASS Pay Cut



by Musa Abdullahi

A Senator-elect from Kogi State, Dino Melaye, has vowed to champion a campaign for salary cut for federal lawmakers when the new National Assembly opens in June but he faces opposition from some Nigerians.

Mr. Melaye, a former member of the House of Representatives, joined many Nigerians to demand a reduction in the salaries of Senator and members of the House of Representatives, saying he will personally champion the cause.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Mr. Melaye said lawmakers must sacrifice their comfort and allow a pay cut, to yield money that could be used for developmental projects and proper oversight role.

When we sought the views of some Abuja resident familiar with the extravagant lifestyle of the lawmaker who prides himself as an anti-corruption crusader, most of them laughed at the soon to be senator for making such claims.

Umar Ado said, “I have been to the ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ sit- out severally and that man called Dino only attends the sit-out to show off his ill gotten wealth, he should start by telling us what he does to own the number of cars he’s been driving”.

This Nigerian website had displayed the Opulence and Luxury Lifestyle of Dino Melaye…..

“Most people will clearly tell you that Dino is only making claims he won’t be able to back, so as to win popular support, he is no different from his colleagues stealing from the treasury”.

Another resident of Abuja and public commentator, Chukwudi Ude said, “If you’ve been in Abuja and you don’t know Dino then it’s funny, does he have a career? Blackmailing people and shouting he’s an activist to make money means nothing.

Ude continued, “We want the lawmakers to Slash their pay cut but Dino telling us he is leading that campaign is very laughable, that man is as corrupt as the corruption he claims to be fighting.

Abubakar Abdullahi, a visiting lecturer at University of Abuja said, “Mr Melaye benefits from the system, have you seen the luxurious cars he drives around the Municipal Area Council?, what does he do? Who is his father?.

“Melaye started out as a student activist at ABU Zaria before Mrs Patricia Etteh helped him to the National Assembly, he doesn’t even have a career, has he ever worked for money?

“He should start by telling the Nigerian people where he got money for his fleet of cars then proceed to declare his assets.

“Dino should start by telling us he source of funding for living in such luxury then we will take his plans to march against the lawmakers seriously but i strongly doubt, he (Melaye) can be the one to protest against the lawmakers looting us dry”.

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