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“I Almost Committed Suicide” – Tonto Dikeh Writes About Her Struggles



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Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh writes an article today about her struggles with life, how she almost committed suicide and the anger she felt as a child while growing up….


‘Woke up reflecting on who I am and how far I have grown spiritually, physically as a woman. I had so much anger, So much venom, so much Hate to give….I didn’t understand why neither did I give A hoot*

I thought life Was all I Saw, Most of my anger Came from my Childhood(even though I did have a great childhood),Some came from Been Sick, Another came from been motherless, etc*

Darlings I was broken, I was a walking disaster, A ticking time Bomb*

I was on a suicide part on a regular, sigh#

Bottom line I Saved me, I got to realise that no1 cares about your Pain or life, people already have too much on their plate Or are more Angry about life than you are, I came to understand that without me the world would still go on with nothing missed and might even be a better place, you might be missed for a day, week, years but i bet you, u gonna be so forgotten when its time*i came to understand the change i needed was inside of me, We really don’t maximise our God given Authority AS God’s creations#PRAYER#*I came to realise that Anger is a more deadly messed up illness than CANCER, my anger was the shield between me and happiness, Love, Life, etc*I came to realise that my future depends on me letting go of all the hurt/Anger/Negativity and fully committed to God and living a good life**

I did realise a couple of things about myself, love, God/Allah, Food. We are barely existing n not living without God*Good food is fuel for your mind, soul n body**

Release yourself today from Your Burden/Anger/Pain and truly discover a life of constant joy in his grace…

I didn’t turn born again or nothing I just realised that I AM SPECIAL…

Good morning Angels



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