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Feud Between Former Partners Not Over As Don Jazzy Crops D’Banj Out Of Group Photo, D’Banj Posts Full Picture! PHOTOS!



by Zenith Oduah

The feud between D’Banj and Don Jazzy is yet to be over!!!

From what transpired yesterday and today, they are yet to be on good terms and here is another reason we think so.

Don Jazzy posted a photo of himself and R&B singer Enrique Iglesias in a throwback photo taken in Atlanta but D’Banj is not having any of it because he was in the photo too.

D’Banj may not be following Don Jazzy but he has his eyes on his profile.

Don insta1


D’Banj responded swiftly by posting the original photo on his Instagram. Hehe what a way to throw shade. #InstaSize

Dbanj insta2














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