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“Buhari’s Emergence Only Created Division In Nigeria” Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Gumi Is Not Impressed



by Musa Abdullahi

Popular slamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed his opinion about how the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari in just-concluded presidential election will influence perception in Nigeria.

See Highlights of the article published a while ago:

The enormous responsibly attached to leadership.
Very close contest between GEJ and GMB
No doubt the nation is now sharply divided
GEJ has seen his miscalculation already
A division in the polity that can be a precursor to disintegration
2015 Elections

Insha Allah tomorrow I’ll give a talk immediately after the Jumuah prayers on our gratefulness to Allah.

It’s Time for more prayers

Congratulations are given when one relinquishes power safely and free of major misdeeds while prayers are for he that ascends to power. Such a person is never congratulated because of the enormous responsibly attached to leadership. The Power that comes effortless without sweat, God promised to intervene. Power came to GEJ without plan therefore God came to intervene of relieving him of the burden despite his inequities. He’s an international hero now.

The anticipated calamity of the very close contest between GEJ and GMB was only averted by Allah. Therefore All praises and thanks goes to the almighty God alone.

No doubt the nation is now sharply divided as a result of this division which is still an insidious time bomb. It has happened in Egypt between the Muslim brotherhood and the secularists movements despite being a homogeneous society. It took a year to explode. So also is in Libya, Yemen and the other “change’ societies. When a sudden ‘change’ leads to sharp division in polity, the natural reaction would be a counter reaction and ‘sabotage’.

For Nigerians, it’s truly unfortunate that so far the Nigerian economy is based mainly in the region that doesn’t favor the ‘change’. This is the miscalculation that is feared to likely surface again in the near future. We need more prayers.

As for GEJ, he has seen his miscalculation already. Had he accepted not to present himself in the first place as adviced, he would have saved his party PDP turning into a regional party after being a national one. So also APC is still just a multiregional party short of a national one in every corner of the country.

In the future, considering our peculiar nature, if the nation survives at all, parties should field the candidates from the same region just to avoid this kind of dangerous regional division.

So far there is a serious division in the polity that can be a precursor to disintegration. So it’s then too early for congratulations but continuation of fervent prayers.

We only thank Allah He alone for averting the unnecessary anticipated post-election blood shed of Nigerians. In a nation of about 70m eligible voters, with a meager 2.5m votes difference, the danger can be visualized. These hundred overzealous youth that killed themselves celebrating GMB’s victory would have attacked and killed thousands innocent people should perchance GEJ also won.

We therefore pray for all to embrace one another and form a broad based government of national unity from all parties and regions equally represented.

God we are grateful! May You guide our leaders aright. Amin

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  1. Khaled Maiwada Abdulsalam

    2015/04/04 at 10:09 am

    It is your House that first brought serious division between Muslims and christians hitherto living peacefully in the central and Middle belt region of Nigeria. Your house also started a religious movement under the directive of the ZIONIST Jews and British imperial power and USA through the covert operations of MOSSAD, BRITISH MI6 and CIA through the Wahhabi house of Saud which started dividing Muslims and setting Muslims against Muslims by employing power of takfir and calling the traditional Muslims Mushrikai,Munafikai etc.These traditional Muslims have been living peacefully with pagans,animist and traditionalist for over a thousand years and proselytizing same. Your actions set the stage for internecine and brutal wars in the Middle belt region of Nigeria that cost thousands of lives and property worth billions destroyed and millions of Muslims displced Muslims from their homes in Adamawa,Taraba,Benue,
    Nassaraw,Niger,Plateau,Kaduna,Bauchi states where Islam and the Hausa language were hitherto being accepted and moving gently Southwards. You joined the army on Northern Nigerian quota sing your family’s influence, denied other more deserving candidates that place but later cowardly ran away thereby making the North and Muslim lose that vital position. On the same quota you used the North to gain a place to read medicine. having graduated in that field you also jettison the medical practice and ran away. You now embraced Islamic religion preaching for which many enlightened Muslims believe you are incompetent but you still stick to it because it is easier for to use the public preachings using the loudspeakers and the Ignorance of an average Northerners to gain cheap bad popularity and easy access to power. You know that with Buhari you stood no chance. With him no more free Jeeps and government security escorts, hence your attacks on him, you know with Buhari all institutions will work and Northerners whose ignorance you exploit will get more educated and so escape your religious,tribal and regional sentiments manipulations hence your hatred for the general. We know why you were jailed in Saudi but can you tell us something about it? Buhari has won so you can go and hang yourself. Munafikin Arewa. Munafikan Musulmai masu yiwa musulunchi zagon kasa. You can go to Otuoke with Goodluck Jonathan and it will be a good riddance to bad rubbish. Gummi bye to Bayelsa. Swim well. learn ogogorisation and swimming.

  2. Isah Muhammad Galadima

    2015/04/04 at 11:14 am

    Its Worrisome!

    Its true that some of us appear to have imposing views on the political affairs in Nigeria. Views that are held by their makers as seemingly superior to any other that opposes them. It appears that some of us forget so easily the stark heterogeneity reality that shackles our frontiers and binds us together. The variance between and among us is such a humongous one that we must appreciate. By so doing, we are not only fostering peace between us, but also deriving the essence of facts embedded in those “opposing views”.

    I have been following with keen interest the regular posts of Dr Ahmad Mahmud Gumi on the political happenings in Nigeria. Just like most Nigerians, Dr Gumi was commondiously concerned by the uncertainty that shrouded the democratic arena in the country. As such, he regularly writes to call on followers/Nigerians on what he thinks is best for the polity. This is partly due to his substantial Islamic responsibility to preach to and guide the followers, and partly due to his apparent affinity for the democratic process.

    Described by the media as a “fearless Sheikh”, Dr Gumi is very prominent not particularly for the vast knowledge he has, or the imperatively esteemed seat he occupies in the historic Sultan Bello mosque Kaduna, but extensively because of the hefty appeal his father nurtured while alive. Alot of us were excruciatingly happy when he emerged the successor to the seat against all favoured!

    Dr Gumi, has a mammoth of listenership in the North. His popularity has extended beyond the borders largely due to his unbeatable command of English language. I have personally downloaded most of his lectures on a book title “Assiyaasatush Shar’iyya…”. Dr Gumi has a revamping appeal in Nigeria courtesy of the social media and internet technology he failed not to exploit judiciously. In my view, even though alot of his listeners, or what by extension may be said to be his ardent students are not happy with some of his views on democratic proceedings in the country, Dr Gumi shall forever remain very close to our hearts, revered and listening. We shall continue to accord to him the needed kowtow as he preaches Qur’an and Sunnah to us.

    But care must be taken by Dr Gumi. If I have a more closer means to pass my voice to Dr, I will have say to him one or two words of advice, particularly on his smeared opinions about GMB/GEJ.

    I became more worried after reading his last post on facebook. If I have any way to call on Dr Gumi not to address any gathering today Friday after Jumu’at prayer, I will certainly do so. But facebook remains last resort for me.

    Its pertinent that Dr Gumi should appreciate the enormous significance people attach to his teachings on Islamic matters. Hundreds of thousands of people get their spiritual guidance from Sultan Bello mosque he leads now. A lot of people look up to him for guidance. But on politics, strong variance is bound.

    Dr Gumi should be careful giving a talk he plans today Friday immediately after Jumu’at. I sincerely wish him a successful speech, and people should endure to listen patiently. But considering the recent reactions of people over his views on GMB/GEJ, I think Dr Gumi needs to be extra careful on his utterances today. Dr Gumi should try and consider the sanctity of the mosque he leads–Sultan Bello mosque, Kaduna. He should also remember the sacred legacies of his late father. Please, no talk should be given to generate harrassment on Dr or the sacred mosque or our late Sheikh Abubakar Mahmud Gumi.

    Yes agreed! Its time for more prayers now that Buhari wins the election. Its also my opinion that these crop of new leaders needed our prayers more fervently than ever before. The expectations are too many and the rot in the system is such a brimmy one. I have not congratulated the President-Elect yet, I will do that later. But now I am more engrossed pondering the enormity of the task before GMB. Certainly, we must collectively come together to help GMB

  3. Ibrahim Muhammad

    2015/04/10 at 10:49 am

    assalamu alaikum

    sheikh people held you with high self esteem, be lip-smarking careful in ur utterances so as not deteriorate ur diginty and ur magnetic personality in da eyes of people…As a prominent islamic scholar, just pray for da country and da nation to become successful, savvy and canny.
    please sheikh be very vigilant in your remarks today, because u might put yourself in a jam, I think your lack of self-restraint will lead to several ugly scenes of debauchery and violent outburst.
    Gummi respect yourself and respect GMB, if you have no self-respect you cant respect others, because what value would you offer someone by giving da respect of one who is as lowly as u view yourself?
    why can’t be consistent? dont let people call you a culprit, dont let your own people (students) blast you…..I advice you to sidestep this issue because you are a forby kind so dont turn urslf to a total goof and dont make goof, a goof dat will make people hate you beyond control and they will call you sketchy inclusive your late father, our father…remain placid, calm, gentle, and a rattling good name… Assalamu alaikum

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