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How Jonathan Saved Nigeria From Imminent Worst Disaster



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by Declan Anosike

August 21, 1986. 1,700 people and 3,000 herds of cattle and other livestock died after the eruption of a volcanic Lake Nyos in Cameroon. The Lake represents the biggest ecological (flood) threat to Nigeria.

This disaster, if allowed to occur, will destroy several states in Nigeria especially Taraba, Benue, Cross River, Kogi and Delta and it is imminent. (Think about Haiti for 1 Minute, that’s a real Disaster there!) What did Jonathan do?

Jonathan BBC

Yes it his Job (Hian)! Were there not many other governments and Presidents in this Country that did nothing about it? But no, he would not wickedly, or like the others before him ignore the future’s ugly reality. President Jonathan gave competent Female Minister Mrs. Sarah Ochekpe the go-ahead and approved 100% funding of $1bn for one of the country’s most ambitious Projects; the Kashimbilla Multipurpose Buffer Dam Project which will not just prevent the devastating flood but harness its potentials to become a Major Source of Life.

The Dam presently at over 90% completion will now serve to ensure;
Water Supply (60,000 Cu.m/Day), Irrigation (Net – 2,000Ha) and provide Electricity – Hydropower generation: (40MW)

The Scope of the Project covers: Construction of the Main Dam; Construction of Water Treatment Plant; Construction of an Access Road; Construction of an Hydropower Plant; Development of Irrigation Network; Construction of Air Strip and Rehabilitation of Kashimbilla – Jato-Aka road (21km). Photos below:

To date, remarkable progress has been achieved in all the various parts of the project. The Kashimbilla Dam project is therefore a proactive preemptive response by the Federal Government of Nigeria to the report of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) of great catastrophe that might result from imminent collapse of Lake Nyos.

Dam RepairsDam Repairs 2Dam Repairs 3


Graphic Image of Lake Nyos Disaster Victims

Lake Nyos


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