Bishop Oyedepo, Oristejafor Never Took 7billion From Jonathan; CAN Decries Opposition Attack On Church

by Deji Abiodun

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has in strong terms condemned and denied allegations made by one Pastor Musa Dikwa that its leadership was bribed by President Goodluck Jonathan to ensure the re-election of Mr. President to the tune of Seven billion naira, calling it a threat to the Church. This comes after the DG of General Buhari’s Presidential Campaign Director General and APC Governor of Rivers State Rotimi Amaechi.

In a statement by the General Secretary of CAN, Rev. Musa Asake, CAN deemed the allegation baseless and worthless and the messenger, one Pastor Musa Dikwa and promoters as attacking the Church of Christ. According to the statement, it was impossible to compromise revered men of God, “including Pastors Ayo Oritsejafor, CAN President; Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel and Pastor Bosun Emmanuel (Secretary-General of National Christian Elders Forum) are too upright to be linked with any such deal.
“CAN is therefore not surprised to see Musa Dikwa doing a yeoman’s job the next day through his allegations. This is the hands of Esau but voice of Jacob.”

“We repeat for emphasis, that neither Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and CAN was given any money by the presidency, let alone N7 billion. The allegation is the height of mischief and desperation. Unfortunately, our psyche as a nation has been bastardized and abused by the institutionalized corruption introduced by successive military rulers (in uniform and out of uniform) that we no longer believe that anyone can speak the truth without financial inducement or gratification. Fortunately, there are still people in the nation who act without financial inducement.”

The statement urged Nigerians to be discerning and question the credibility of Pastor Musa Dikwa, who claims to be the Executive Director of a non-existent group, Voice of Northern Christian Movement. CAN accused the APC and Buhari Campaign organization of being the mastermind of the act as it has been procuring fake Christian Groups as it was recently discovered and disclaimed the purported endorsement of the General by a fraudulent Northern Christian Leaders Eagle-Eye Forum led by Aminchi Habu. Security agencies were also petitioned in the statement to make investigations on the suspicious activities of Musa Dikwa to avoid throwing the country into serious crisis.

Calling on Christians to remain alert and Keep watch, CAN said: “We are Christians and our candidate is Jesus Christ. So long as we believe that the Church is under threat, we will speak for Jesus Christ and maintain the Wake Up Call to the Church.”

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