Rapper Nicki Minaj Launches Fizzy Wine Brand In The UK

American pop star Nicki Minaj is launching her new brand of fizzy wine, MYX Fusions Moscato, in the UK on Tuesday.

She is hoping to replicate the brand’s success in the US, where MYX Fusions is now the best-selling Moscato wine. Sales have grown 400pc in the past six months to $18m, with more than 7.5m of the eye-catching blue bottles sold.

Ms Minaj told The Telegraph: “We are extremely excited to be launching MYX Fusions Moscato in the UK and Ireland. It’s a fantastic product that’s taken the US by storm and I know people here will love it, too.”

The MYX Moscato is a 5.5pc ABV, sugary, sparkling white wine, combined with fruit juice. Launched in May 2013, it is made in California, unlike traditional Moscato varieties, which come from the Asti region in Italy.

Moscato became a hit with US consumers after featuring in a number of mainstream pop and rap songs three years ago.

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