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Bojan Slams ‘Uncommunicative’ Luis Enrique



Stoke City forward, Bojan Krkic who formerly plied his trade for Barcelona has hit out at the current Barcelona boss, Luis Enrique; a man who coached him while he was playing for Barcelona Team B. According to Bojan, Enrique does not communicate with his players and he believes that may be the cause of the alleged rift between the coach and Barca star man, Lionel Messi.

Bojan who was offering support for his former teammate, Messi made these claims while speaking to L’Esportiu:

“He is a very uncommunicative coach,” 

“Luis Enrique lacks understanding with the players. He has also been a player and he should know what it feels like to be in a locker room. At the end of the season we will see if his way of managing things is successful or not.

“He has a clear idea, working with his staff daily away from the players and there is little dialogue. Everyone has a different type of training and this is his.”

The 24-year-old Stoke City forward also had something to say about his former teammate:

“When I shared the dressing room with him, things were going well so there were no conflicts or problems. I do not know if this has changed now.

“Every player needs certain stimuli to perform and Messi wants to feel important and be in good company. He has earned the opportunity to choose when to play and when not to, because he is the leader of the club on the field.”

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