“Politics Is Not War, President Jonathan Needs To Call His Handlers To Order”

A collective of young leaders have signed a statement today speaking up strongly against smear campaigns and negativity in the 2015 election campaigns.
“At various events, the president has made statements that make it sound like he would love to see a violence-free campaign and election season but his supporters continue to do otherwise,” said ‘Gbenga Sesan, a respected advocate of Internet freedom. “Unfortunately, while the All Progressives Congress candidate, Muhammadu Buhari has focused on a positive campaign that addresses the issues, and his official representatives have chosen to focus on solutions, President Goodluck Jonathan’s handlers have decided to descend as low as possible. It is also a shame that the Secret Service has been biased in its reaction to what could be termed sensitive statements. We are tired of elections that look like they came out of a pre-civilisation movie; we want peaceful, free and fair elections, hence this clarion call.”
Said Fatima Kakuri, an accountant: “Just yesterday on Twitter, the APC candidate reminded followers and supporters as he has always done to keep calm and told them ‘Politics is not war’, but from the end of President Jonathan, his spokesperson Doyin Okupe has wished death on opponents, his other spokesperson Abati has circulated lies about his academic qualifications.”


Some of those falsehoods include:

a) a promoted video linked to the Jonathan campaign falsely accusing Buhari of inciting electoral violence even though a BBC video has clearly shown that to be a lie,

b) a ridiculous report stating that Buhari has a terminal illness,

c) false statements accusing him of asking Muslims to vote for Muslims, threating to make Nigeria ungovernable and calling for post-election violence;

d) a report claiming he did not attend the United States War College when there is evidence that he did alongside many respected world leaders.

“President Jonathan should run on his record,” said Akintunde Oyebode, a finance professional. “Buhari has focused on talking about what he will do for Nigerians, for young people – how he will solve the problems of Security, Corruption, Economic Development and Job Creation. It is distasteful that sections of the President’s team instead focus on promoting falsehood and a heartbreaking attempt to pit Nigerians against each other based on ethnicity and religion.
“Buhari has a record. You can question his methods, impact and achievements while he was leader of this country and over the past few years. But it is worrisome that the President’s campaign team is running a terribly divisive campaign. He needs to call his team to order immediately and run a campaign worthy of the Nigerian presidency.”
Oo Nwoye, a tech entrepreneur added: “Today, the first day of the year 2015, we are demanding that the lies should end. Too much is at stake, Nigerians need solutions. That is all this campaign should be focused on.”
A website dedicated to fact-checking these falsehoods and presenting the truth is now live – www.factchecki.ng.

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