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Only Hawks & Thieves Will Vote For Jonathan Again — Rabiu Kwankwaso



Kano State governor and presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Rabi’u Kwankwaso, spoke with journalists on issues ranging from his presidential ambition to the state of the nation’s economy and other matters and here’s what he said about those willing to vote back President Jonathan.

What gives you the impression that if you become APC’s candidate you can defeat the incumbent ?

I don’t know why (President Goodluck) Jonathan and I collected our nomination forms the same day. Maybe the indication is that both of us are going to slug it out in 2015, and once that happens, I am sure you know the answer – he is going to lose.

I don’t see anybody who will be happy to vote for him apart from the hawks in Abuja and of course, those contractors and others who are stealing crude oil and oil money. These are the ones that will be happy to vote for him again so that they can continue milking the economy of this country. But the masses, the talakawas of Kano, Enugu, Zamfara, and Bayelsa will be very happy to have a change, a change that will guarantee security of lives and properties of Nigerians, no matter where they live, no matter their religion or ethnicity. These are going to be the issues in 2015, security, economy, not minding the fabricated figures that come from Abuja, indicating that all is well. All cannot be well where you have crises, where you have insecurity, where people are scared of bringing their investments into the country. All these cannot help the economy anywhere in the world.

We have all these issues on the ground and certainly, sentiments will not work in 2015. All the antics of dividing the country based on religion, based on North and South, based on ethnicity and class will certainly fail in 2015. And I want to advice INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) to be cautious, because somebody was telling me about suspected tricks of INEC using computer to help a particular political party in 2015.

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