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Damaturu, Yobe State Capital Under Heavy Boko Haram Attack

A fierce firefights between security agents and Boko Haram fighters that started around 4:45 AM Nigerian time on Gujiba road in Damaturu the Yobe state capital has continued unabated several hours after it started.

Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, is under heavy attack by suspected Boko Haram terrorists who, according to fleeing residents, may have surrounded the town.

Explosions and gunshots are being heard in some parts of the Yobe State capital.

A resident of the city, an eyewitness says the shooting started at about 6a.m. “It is as if they have surrounded us all here; there is sound of explosion and serious shooting. We are all lying down on the floor with our families. Please pray for our safety, that we survive this… ”

“We are in serious confusion now, we are just hearing gunshots and explosions on the southern part of the city and people are fleeing,” said another embattled resident, Malam Abdulmalik.

The resident said he was woken by loud sounds of gunshots and explosions which started at about 6a.m.

An official of the SSS in Maiduguri, who usually does not want to be named in the media, confirmed in a text message sent to our reporter that “Damaturu may be under attack now”.

Damaturu is 135 kilometres west of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. A journalist with Channels television is reportedly missing. The militants have also attacked schools, a mobile police base and several state institutions in the raid.

They are reportedly approaching the government house with the aim of taking over the state capital.

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