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Blood Donors Needed At Hospitals In Kano Municipal After Blast Killed 120 & Left 270 Injured

The Public is hereby asked to kindly donate blood to surviving victims of the deadly Kano Central Mosque attacks that killed over 120 and injured 270 on Friday.

Nigerians able to, have been asked to make it to the hospitals located in Kano Municipal, so those that are battling with their lives after the attacks can survive..  Also the Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital is attending to victims of the attacks and donors can go there for donation.

At least 120 people were killed and 270 others wounded on Friday when two suicide bombers blew themselves up and gunmen opened fire on a Muslim congregation at Friday prayers in the central mosque in northern Nigeria’s largest city of Kano, a rescue official said.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the toll could rise, as some of the wounded were in critical condition and may not survive.

A third bomb exploded outside the mosque among a crowd of worshipers. The attacks come two weeks after the emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, one of Nigeria’s most influential monarchs, called for self-defense, urging people to procure arms and fight Islamist militant group Boko Haram?, which has a significant presence in the area.

The emir made the call at the same mosque where Friday’s attack occurred. Although there was no immediate claim of responsibility, Boko Haram is the main suspect. Many believe the attacks were reprisals for the emir’s call to arms against the terror group.
Hundreds of relations have thronged the morgues and emergency units of the two hospitals to identify their dead relations and tend for those wounded, with doctors and nurses overstretched by the huge number of casualties.

At the Murtala Mohammed hospital, relatives were taking turns entering the morgue in groups to identify loved ones killed in the attacks, then to take bodies for burial after documentation by morgue attendants.

National police spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu said the two bombers detonated explosives strapped to their bodies within short intervals while gunmen opened fire on worshipers who were trying to escape. At least three men, wearing explosives and armed with AK-47s, arrived in a Toyota Sienna van and opened fire on people fleeing the mosque, Kano Deputy Police Commissioner Sanusi N. Lemo told reporters.

An irate mob pursued the gunmen who had opened fire on worshipers, and people in the mob killed the gunmen, Ojukwu and witnesses said.

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