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Jonathan Is Supervising A Highly Corrupt Government – Rotimi Amaechi

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State has said President Goodluck Jonathan “is supervising a highly corrupt government.”

The governor, who spoke in Abuja on Saturday, insisted that he had no personal quarrel with President Jonathan, adding that if governance could be separated from the President, he (Jonathan) “remains a good man.”

He, however, regretted that the President “is supervising a highly corrupt government.”

He described the form of government being practised in Nigeria today as diarchy as there’s no democracy yet.

Speaking to the invasion of the National Assembly by the police on Thursday, Amaechi described the action as uncivilised.

He said, “We don’t have democracy in Nigeria yet. What we have is diarchy. We don’t have a democracy. Diarchy is dictatorship. The Federal Government has appropriated the police as its personal property. The FG has taken over the police. See the way the police took over the National Assembly. By law, the police have no power to invade the National Assembly and they have no power to stop the Speaker from going in or out of the National Assembly complex. But they don’t obey law.”

He insisted that his party, the All Progressives Congress, would not go to court if the PDP decided to rig the 2015 presidential elections. Instead of going to court, he said the APC would form a parallel government.

He said, “What is the essence of going to court when the Federal Government don’t obey the law. That’s why the APC say we won’t go to the court any longer. If you rig us out, we would rig ourselves in; which means if you think you can rig us out in 2015, we will form our own government. We have met on that and we have agreed on that. We will instal our own government and there would be two governments.

“The only way to avoid a parallel government is to have a free and fair election. You can’t continue to use the police as if it is a private agency or company of the government.”

While saying that the Police in South Africa is currently investigating President Jacob Zuma, he wondered if the police in Nigeria would be allowed to play such a role in the country.

“Are you aware that the President of the South Africa is being probed by the police? Can that happen here? In this country, they slap judges. Seven members of a state (Ekiti) House of Assembly claimed they have sacked a Speaker,” he added.

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