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Potiskum: Blood Donors Needed Urgently To Save The Lives Of Injured Students

Death toll from the blast at Government Science Secondary School, Potiskum in Yobe State yesterday morning has risen to 48, witnesses and hospital sources said.

A medical personnel at the Potiskum General Hospital said there was shortage of blood at the hospital which is needed to save the lives of the injured.

“We hope well-meaning people would come to assist with blood. Some of the victims lost a lot of blood and may die if nothing urgent is done,” he said.

Nigerians have been urged to visit the General Hospital to save the lives of students badly injured… Here’s a plea to residents of Potiskum and Nigeria’s government by NewsWireNGR. Save the lives of the innocent children affected in the bombing. Agencies responsible for blood banks should find a way to get the blood to the General Hospital as well as Federal Medical Center.

Kulu Mustapha, a woman that lives not far from the school said she saw some vehicles heading towards Federal Medical Centre in Azare, Bauchi State with some of the victims that sustained severe injuries.

“The suicide bomber disguised as a student because he wore the same uniform being used by students of the school. This gave him the ease to get much closer to the assembly ground where he carried out the nefarious act,” she said.

“It was a gory scene because some of the innocent students have been decapitated by the explosion, what you only see is body parts and tattered uniforms,” she said.

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