Real Reason Why Courtney Dike Rejected $7000 World Cup Bonus

You read here of how Oklahoma State Football team forward, Courtney Dike had rejected the $7000 paid to her by the Nigeria Football Federation for participating at 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada. She had claimed that the honour of playing for the country was enough reward for her.

Well, a certain Professor Omo Osagie has given another explanation which may sound more logical to many. Ace sports journalist,  Godwin Enakhena shared what the Professor said on Facebook:

“I explain the Courtney Dike refusal to take $7000 from the Nigerian government. I am very familiar with NCAA regulations for student athletes, and Ms. Dike is a student athlete in an American University.

The number one guideline to protect your status as an NCAA student athlete is; “you cannot accept payment or a promise of payment for participation in your sport.”

The $7000 is considered as payment for her sport; the only way she could have taken that money and not be in violation of NCAA regulations, is to have taken the money as a daily allowance during the competition.

NCAA rules are very funny and unfair, but the payment was so public that if she took it or her family took it, it will be a violation of NCAA rules and she will be sanctioned or might even loose her athletic scholarship ($35000 a year). She did the right thing for rejecting the money and we should praise her for that, for she did not try to break the rules she signed on. If the money was refused for any other reason besides NCAA rules, then I need to know.”

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