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Soldiers & Residents Flee As Boko Haram Attack Mubi, Police Station & Prisons Sacked

Boko Haram militants have entered Mubi in Adamawa State, sacking residents and causing military officials to flee in the town, which is one of the State’s largest.

Reports from the town of Mubi Adamawa State indicated that they are fighting between government forces and Boko Haram fighters . Nigerian troops guarding the barracks initially exchanged fire with the militants but fled after more militants arrived in the area with heavy firepower, sources tell NewsWireNGR..

“The terrorists are inside Mubi right now, they’ve broken into to prison and released all the inmates, they’ve also attacked the police station” said our source who doesn’t want his name mentioned.

Residents said they heard the sound of gunfire and military jets fly in the town . Records said thousands of people are fleeing out of town to escape with their lives .

Mubi town near the border with Cameroon is the city ‘s second largest in Adamawa State . The terrorists had last night taken over Uba, in Borno State, also a border community with Mubi.

Earlier this month , the government of Nigeria announced the suspension agreement and opened fire with Boko Haram , which could lead to the release of girls report contributed to over 200 Boko Haram members were abducted over six months .

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