Jonathan Is Not My Brother, My Brother Won’t Abandon His Responsibilities – Amaechi

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of abandoning Rivers and by virtue of which he is not worthy to be called a brother.

The governor, spoke on Saturday at the All Progressives Congress mega rally at the Adokie Amiesimaka Stadium in Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state to mark his seventh anniversary in office.

“When Yar’Adua was alive, Niger Delta Ministry was working. Now, it is only one item; East-West Road and they say he (President Jonathan) is our brother. He is not my brother; my brother is the man who delivers on his services for me. If the President says he is our brother, let him mention one project he has done for us.

“APC is the solution to the protection of our interest. We must go there to vote out the PDP. It is not about our son. They tell you that you should not vote for these people because they are Hausa People; they are Muslims.

“But the refinery in Rivers was built and commissioned by Tafawa Balewa; he was a northerner. Shagari started NAFCON, IBB commissioned; IBB started the Eleme Petrochemical, Abacha completed it.

“They are all northerners; they are all Muslims. NLNG was started and completed by Abacha and he was a northerner and a Muslim. Bonny NLNG, NDDC, Niger Delta Ministry were established by northerners.”

Amaechi said that the Federal Government has not only abandoned Rivers state but the south south region as a whole noting that “They said the reason the President is not performing in Rivers is because he is quarrelling with the governor. Okay, what is the quarrel with the governor of Cross River and Akwa Ibom that the road to Cross River is abandoned? . Are they quarrelling  too? It is more of lack of performance. “

The governor accused the President of taking  some oil wells belonging to Rivers, adding that he did not encourage the state effectively  to fight Ebola when it broke out in the state.

“When Ebola broke out, to show you how much the President hates us, he visited Lagos. Did he visit us? He did not care. He wanted all of us to die. And I took it as a challenge and say none of us will die. I brought out money. It took the President at the end of Ebola to give us ordinary 200 million naira.  I released one billion, one hundred and six million naira to fight Ebola. See our airport. The President lands there. We are like refugees”, he said.



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