Boko Haram Releases Abducted Women In Adamawa

Islamic insurgent group, Boko Haram  has reportedly abducted about 50 women and girls from Waga Mangoro and Madagali, villages between Adamawa and Borno states have freed the women among their captives.

The information was made known by the villagers to newsmen on Thursday. Thoughthey could not say the specific number of women returned.

Relatives of the abducted girls said  some of them have been turned to cooks while others were married off immediately to some of the insurgents.

”Initially, the insurgents captured 80 girls and women whom they later loaded into their vans and zoomed off into the bushes.” a relative said.

However, later in the night, the insurgents separated the elderly women from the girls and released the women, who are now languishing in the forest because they could not relocate the towns because they were razed down by the insurgents.

The abduction came on the heels of a reported cease fire agreement between the Federal Government and the Insurgent group.

“We are confused that hours after the so called cease fire agreement between the Federal Government and Boko Haram insurgents, our girls are still being abducted by the insurgents.

“We are at a loss about government’s insincerity on the whole issue and we urge them to rescue our daughters without further delay as we are ready to die searching for our missing ones.”


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