Its Not About The Title, I Can Even Run For Councillor If The People Want Me To – Pat Utomi

Prof Pat Utomi has said that he would contest the 2015 elections in any capacity if asked to do so. Utomi who is currently a member of the All Progressive Congress said this in an interview in Lagos on Tuesday.
He said that he will run in any
capacity if his party and his people asked him to do so.
“I do not mind running for any other position from councillorship to presidency.
“The bane of true service in Nigeria is the focus on title.
He said that leadership is first about follower ship and that every leader must be willing to be a follower.
“Anyone willing to serve his people must be ready to do so at any level,” he said.
“Leadership is not a do or die affair;every true leader must also be willing to be follower.
he said.

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