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Here’s How Google Described Nigeria At 54, Do You Agree?

Happy Independence to Nigeria, to the millions of women and men laboring to ensure the nation stands out in all fields of endeavor, from the tailors, gardeners, drivers, the media, civil servants and public servants. To the heroes who died serving her unity..

We at NewsWireNGR wishes Nigeria a happy Independence Anniversary, at 54 you have done well and you can do better as a nation and a people.

We saw that google joined in the celebration and we decided to share with our numerous readers to tell us what they think of the image [pictured] on google search that portrays the largest black nation as she marks her independence anniversary..

Let us know what you make of the photo, is it the true representation of Nigeria? Or do you think they should have done better while portraying the African nation, especially as the tricycle is used majorly for nations like India..

Let us know, drop your comment about what you think..  While you are at it, also tells us if you agree that at 54 Nigeria should have been better than what she is..

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