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Nigerian Troops Continue To Decimate Boko Haram



As splinters cells of the Boko Haram Insurgents continue to confront the military in fierce battle,  Nigerian troops have  again pushed them back.
A top military sources that despite the progress being made in efforts to decimate and contain insurgents, splinter cells of the terrorists group are still trying to carry out snap attacks on some communities. They were however effectively beaten back in communities such as   Konduga, Beneshek and Damboa where they made a number of attempts on Thursday and Friday September 25-26, 2014.
A multi barrel T55 tank, 9 rifles, two Machine Guns, two Rocket Propelled Grenade tubes, five boxes of ammunition and other weapons were captured from them while over 40 of the terrorists died in the encounters in the three locations.
Troops also conducted a raid on terrorists’ enclave at Shindig.  In all the operations a total of 11 soldiers died while 15 others are being treated for injuries sustained in the battles. Three are still missing.
Meanwhile, air and land operations are ongoing to clear the terrorists from other communities where their activities have become prevalent recently in the states under the state of emergency.
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