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Sule, Wada, Yakasai & Odinkalu Make Startling Revelations On WEPictureNigeria Series

WTN Business and Technology Solutions and Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) presents, the first episode of a new documentary series titled “WePictureNigeria” which features interviews of Founding Fathers, Leaders, and Influencers focusing on Nigeria’s history pre and post-independence.

This episode features Alhaji Sule Maitama, Inuwa Wada, Alhaji Tanko Yakasai and Chidi Odinkalu who share deep insights and shocking personal stories of Nigeria’s history from the pre-independence to the post -independence era of Nigeria.

“I went on a personal journey across Nigeria to talking to variety of people who influence the history of Nigeria” said Luqman Edu, Founder of WTN Business and series director, I finally decided to go on his journey after myself and a group of colleagues under the Nigeria Leadership Initiative were teaching some young students about civic responsibilities and leadership. When asked who Nnamdi Azikwe was, one of the students confidently answered, he owns an Airport. My heart sank! How does anyone reduce such greatness to an airport edifice? That moment I knew someone had to engage my generation and those behind me on their history. If you do not know where you are coming from, you cannot know where you are going to. Putting this series together has been almost a one year journey that’s still not over but I am extremely excited by the openness and honesty shared by these founding fathers. This is a series everyone surely wants to watch”

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