Run In 2015 Or Get Arrested, South-South Chiefs Warn Jonathan

The South-South Chiefs and Elders Council, SSCEC International have ordered President Goodluck Jonathan to declare he will run again for the Presidency in 2015 or risk getting arrested. This they made known in Abuja yesterday when they endorsed the President for a second term in office. They also conferred Transformation Excellence award on outstanding ministries.

The chairman of the council, Chief Reuben Jaja (Ama-Opu Senibo of Opobo Kingdom) made the council’s position known. He stated that the President had every right to contest for a second term in office as a result of his performance in the past four years especially in vital sectors of the economy.

“Our goal is to show support to our president who has served this country right. We feel that he is qualified to run by law and by way of performance. He is doing exceedingly well, we have seen tremendous progress in our education, agriculture, transport, women affairs, youth development and entertainment and the critical sectors of our economy”, he said


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