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MBGN Iheoma Nnadi Presents Proof Authenticating Her Age



Ever since she was crowned as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2014 on the 18th of July, tongues have been wagging about how Ms. Iheoma Nnadi does not look her age, 19.

The rumors  escalated when she posted a picture of her in 2007 on Instagram; supposed 11-year-old was wearing thick braids and to many she looked far more matured than her age in that  photo.

In reaction to the rumors, the beauty queen has done what Davido has done in the past and she even went a step further. She has shared photos of her international passport and even birth certificate; both clearly show she was born on the 15th of May, 1995 in Lagos.

Hope you all will leave her alone now.

Iheoma-Nnadi-birth-certificate-434x600 Iheima-Nnadis-birth-certificate



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