Gimba Kakanda: To Those Who Employ Flawed Data In Psychoanalyzing Nuhu Ribadu

Folks, let me make a quick observation on this unpopular decision of Nuhu Ribadu to join the deservedly maligned PDP. I wanted to hold my peace out of sincere respect for the man I’ve known as a model citizen and high-flying public servant, one I defended even when he accepted the offer to serve as chairman of a presidential committee in spite of the criticisms of fence-sitting citizens expecting mere criticisms to change the system.

It’s one thing to criticise, it’s another thing to employ clearly flawed statistics in doing so. I think we’re being sentimental in our assessments of Ribadu, overly subjective even. What standard do we actually adopt in measuring his maturity, or lack of it, as a political administrator – for those who dismiss him as politically immature? It’s one thing to dislike someone, it’s another thing to employ flawed data in psychoanalyzing him.

Can someone tell me what “maturity” means in political parlance, if that’s not asking for too much? If such maturity has been really helpful, why is Adamawa State, which Ribadu now aspires to govern, a mess under the “mature” Governor Murtala Nyako.

Wasn’t General Buhari seen as temperamental in his days in office? Sincerely, we’re being unfair here. I wanted to attack Ribadu but I’m not ignorant of the extent Nyako has destroyed APC, its members now rendered irrelevant and forced to defect, in Adamawa.

I’ve always been sympathetic to APC, but its members have been the most criticised in my weekly column. I remember, in a discussion with Nasir ElRufai’s son, he said, “If you condemn the ElRufais and the Sanusi Lamidos, who are the alternative?”

I understand his concern, and I had to remind him of the instances I praised the ElRufais and the Lamidos, and also our lines of divergence. But, no matter what, despite their shortcomings, they’re our hope, ahead of the James Iboris, in this struggle for a better nation!

Am I angry with Ribadu? I said, no! My disappointment in Adamawa has been from the hour Governor Nyako embarked on his conspiracy theory crap – about GEJ and the FG being sponsors of the escalating terrorism in Nigeria. I even wrote a letter congratulating GEJ as president-elect knowing Nyako’s I’ll-devised relevance-seeking stunts had devastating backlash.

As an APC apologist, I grieve for this loss of my good man to a tragically failed party. But I’ll never condemn him, I’ll only wish him well in his bids while reminding the APC to put its house in order.

Good night, Nigeria!


Gimba Kakanda is a writer, and writes from Abuja Nigeria article culled from his Facebook page..


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