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Twin Explosion: Again, Female Suicide Bomber Hits Kano NNPC Mega Station, Shopping Mall

Suspected  Female terrorists have detonated another explosive at the NNPC mega station in Hotoro Quarters along Maiduguri Road, in Kano on Monday morning.

A statement from the Force Headquarters on the incident did not give specific details or the number of casualties, if any.

But Police account says a female suicide bomber in Nigeria’s Kano city killed three people and injured seven others on Monday in an attack targeting women who had lined up to buy kerosene.

“A female suicide bomber detonated an explosive at (a petrol) station in the Hotoro area, badly injuring 10 people. Three of them died in hospital, while seven are undergoing treatment,” Kano police spokesman Musa Magaji Majia told AFP.

A 16-year-old terrorists had targeted a catholic Church in Kano as she blew up herself , killing a soldier and injuring police officers.

Another explosion targeted a shopping mall in Kano. This comes after a female suicide bomber killed four at a petrol station, eyewitness accounts say.

The two bomb explosions happened within an hours in Kano Metropolis.

The emergence of female suicide bombers in northern Nigeria further complicates the nation’s precarious security situation.

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