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Borno: Crew Member Onboard Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crash, Declared Missing

The Nigerian Military Authorities have declared a crew member onboard Mi-35 Helicopter missing, the defence authorities monday said only one body has so far been recovered from the site of the crashed Air Force Helicopter.

Major General, Chris Olukolade, information director of the defence authority, updating on the status of the crashed helicopter in Borno state; noted that the body of the technician who is the third member of the crew is yet to be located. He is therefore declared Missing in Action until found.
He said rescue team continues the search in the vicinity of the scene of the accident.

He had said one of the pilots of the crashed Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter on a training mission earlier reported Monday, have been recovered alive while the second one as well as the technician on board the 3-member crew flight died in the crash.

The Mi-35 helicopter was on a training mission, and crashed South of Bama, in Borno State, “due to technical fault.”

He did not say if there were any casualties or survivors, but stressed that it has been established that the crash was not attributable to enemy action.


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