Tinubu Will Be Held Responsible For Murder- PDP

The Lagos State Chapter of PDP has come out strongly vowing to repel any direct or decoy action aimed at blackmailing or attacking any of its members as it approaches the 2015 general elections, stating that former Governor, Bola Tinubu, will be held responsible if any of its leaders, followers or Governorship hopefuls is again murdered.

A statement by Taofik Gani, Spokesman of the state chapter, said the Party’s strong vow is a reaction to Tinubu’s frontal accusation that Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, Minister of State for Defence, is concentrating more on Politics than Insecurity. Apparently a fall out of the alleged roles attributed to Senator Obanikoro for PDP to win Ekiti governorship election.
The Lagos State PDP further describes the former Governor’s public outburst as not only irrational, but a clear sign of a frustrated, diseased blackmailer and desperate emperor who wants to hold on to southwest and Lagos State in particular. Indeed, it is the attitude of a drowning man, this time around struggling for Political survival.

“On our part, we shall not underestimate the desperation of Tinubu. We however promise him that no hatchet plot against any of our members shall prosper.”

The Lagos state PDP consequently admonished the former Governor to come to terms with the New political realities in the southwest and lagos in particular. “One of such is to accept the expiry of his control and the political superiority of Senator Obanikoro to defeat him in a free and fair election”

“By the unwarranted public outburst of Tinubu attacking the Person of Senator Obanikoro, our Party member, we can now see that the frustration, desperation and drowning-man attitude has reached an embarrassing crescendo. This is long awaited required proof to confirm reports of Lagos APC clandestine meetings to blackmail, Implicate or physically attack Lagos PDP members as we approach 2015 election which Tinubu is jittery to loose.

“Historically, Tinubu’s current Political travails can be traced to the last Local Government elections in Lagos State, when the young son of Senator Obanikoro, Ibrahim Babajide, defeated the former governor in his Polling Unit. The former governor had since then seen Senator Obanikoro as a potential threat to his political and extortionate control in the State, thus Tinubu’s sponsored Media and Physical attacks on Obanikoro and some of our other leaders. We remember well the build up of events that led to the murder of Engr. Funsho Williams, our Governorship hopeful in 2007. We are thus not going to be slow in reaction this time.” statement concluded.

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