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After Embezzling $470million CCTV Contract, Govt Urges Nigerians To Install Security Cameras In Homes & Offices

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The Federal Government has advised Nigerians to install Closed Circuit Television, (CCTV) in their homes and offices as one of the ways out of the lingering insecurity in the country. While the CCTV cameras initiated by government to check the growing insecurity in the federal capital Territory are not working as the funds have been stolen by government contractors.

As concerns grow over the spate of bombings in Abuja, Coordinator of the National Briefing Centre, Mike Omeri  said the persistent bomb attacks in parts of the country was a wakeup call to Nigerians to be more vigilant and security conscious. He lied to Nigerians that the CCTV on the Banex Street in Wuse 2 where the last Wednesday’s bomb blast occurred was still functioning but failed to reveal what it captured.

The $470 million project to the Chinese firm, ZTE Corporation, in August 2010 by then late President Umaru Yar’Adua without carrying out due diligence on the company as reported by PremiumTimes online newspaper. The project, which was funded through a $600 million credit facility obtained from the Chinese EXIMBANK, was slated for completion in May, 2011.

“The activities of the insurgents that is now targeted at some major cities in the country is a wakeup call on all of us to be more vigilant and watchful of our environment and to resolve more than ever before to stand and unite as a people to end insurgency in the country,” Omeri said.   The government is out to condemn attacks when Boko Haram insurgents strike, but fail to show commitment in the war against terror.

For instance, the Nigerian government said to have made a down payment of $70, 500,000 which is 15 percent of the total contract sum and signed a Sovereign Guarantee to the tune of $399, 500, 000 to enable ZTE source the loan from the Chinese Government. But the failed project  piloted with the installation of solar-powered security cameras and allied security infrastructure in many parts of Abuja.

Reports say the only functional CCTV Cameras in Abuja are those located around the Three Arms Zone, home to the Presidential Villa, the National Assembly Complex and the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Omeri went on to say the Federal Government has noted attempts by some persons working to demoralise the security agencies particularly the military personnel involved in the fight against insurgency in the North East. One begins to question how a government seeks to stop or control bombings in Abuja when the CCTV Cameras that should assist in tracking the terrorists are all not functional.

Widespread corruption in Nigeria goes unabated as most beneficiaries of government contracts are either sponsors of elections for the politicians or friends of government who have created a  “looting Cabal”, protected by same government..  They are never arrested or sent to Jail as most contracts executed serve as a means for embezzling funds and stashed away in swiss banks.

Omeri went on to say, “While we do not want to go into details of operations currently taking place, it is advised that the practice in which some persons just bandied figures of casualties on either the side of the military or insurgents should be discouraged and checked.”

Between 2010 when the project was initiated and now, Abuja has come under seven deadly attacks, leaving scores of people dead and properties worth billions of naira destroyed. The Cameras located just metros from the latest Abuja Bomb Blast Scene, could have provided clues but an unserious government stays adamant. The Nigerian people, over to you..

Insurgents last week killed scores injured many others in Abuja, as the President said “‘We will get over it”.

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