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Bomb Blast Foiled At Kano Mosque

The Police Friday  discovered 13 explosive devices planted in  a Kano  mosque, which could have led to a massive blast if the improvised explosive devices had been detonated.
The discovery followed  information given to the  Police  by an individual about  plans to burn the  mosque by suspected members of Boko Haram sect.

The Police  after conducting a thorough search  on arriving the mosque discovered the  dangerous  weapons . Hundreds of worshippers in Kano attend the Juma’at Friday prayers at the Mosque..

Only Wednesday, a bomb was detonated at the Popular Abuja Shopping mall, killing scores and injuring many others, no group has claimed responsibilities for the attacks. But officials of the department of state security led by Marilyn Ogar said the radical Boko Haram Islamist group had planned to bomb Abuja and major populated areas within the metropolis.

The Insurgents have attacked populated areas within the last two years in Kano, only last week, the School of Hygeine was also attacked killing eight persons and 12 others injured.

More Details of the foiled Kano bomb to follow…

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