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Worshippers Escape Death As Police Detonate Bombs In A Nigerian Church, Suspects Arrested



The Imo State Police Command, Owerri, Sunday averted what would have been another black Sunday for the People of the South-East Nigeria.

The Police have arrested six suspects over the discovery of two Improvised Explosive Devices in a church in Owerri, according to the Commissioner  of Police, Abdumajid Ali.

Mr. Enwerem, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, told newsmen that the police was alerted to strange objects at the entrance of the Port Harcourt Road branch of Winners Chapel around midnight on Saturday.

“During their check, it was discovered that Improvised Explosive Devices in forms of refrigerator compressor concealed in sack bags were discovered,” Mr. Enwerem said. “One was promptly detonated at the scene because it was on a timer. The other one was dis-alarmed and then taken away for detonation.”

The Police say investigation is ongoing to arrests all those involved in the foiled bomb, todays explosives found in Imo State church is the first of it’s kind in the South-East region of Nigeria.

The deadly Islamic sect Boko Haram is known for attacking churches and detonating explosives leaving thousands dead and injured.

The state government is yet to respond to the attempted bomb explosion but worshippers in the state say they are still in shock as no one has ever heard or experienced a near bomb explosion in the state.

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