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Opinion: 2015, Between PDP And APC



Since the sudden mergers of the All Progressives Congress (APC), thousands of PDP faithful across the country had since defected to the opposition party. The problem with the ruling party is that many party faithful wanted the former PDP national chairman, Alhaji Bamaga Tukur to resign earlier while the national chairmanship position has been the major setback of the party over the years. PDP has changed over 5 national chairmen since the party formation while some former PDP national chairmen boasted that PDP will rule the country for the next sixty years to come. President Goodluck Jonathan’s government by the opposition party has been described as total failure despite the gargantuan transformation embarked upon by the President in recent times.

One thing is that those that defected from PDP to APC and still criticizing Jonathan’s government as a failure have also failed in their leaderships over time. For instance Rt Hon. Rotimi Amaechi , the governor of Rivers State is one of the defected four PDP governors that betrayed the trust of the Niger- Delta region due to power tussle of the highest order. President Goodluck Jonathan no longer has presidential respect among these desperate and unnecessary seeking attention politicians who wanted to be leaders of the PDP. To the extent of using the media to fight the President. Some Media professionals who are also opposition leaders also using that means to fight Jonathan’s government too. PDP still remains the largest party in African continent.

Though the founding fathers of the PDP abysmally failed to fix the structure of the party rather than creating unnecessary political crises to allow the opposition parties to penetrate on their weaknesses.

To some extent, some of the notable PDP faithful that defected to the APC are just indulging on destructive criticisms to satisfy their selfish interests than the masses that voted them into power. APC is at the verge of collapsing in the sense that the Muslim/Muslim ticket is a problem to both Tinubu and Buhari. The APC convention will determine the stand of the party in 2015. It has been allegedly rumoured that Ahmed Bola Tinubu wants to contest for 2015 than accepting the Vice President position to Mohammed Buhari as the bonafide presidential candidate. The fell out of Atiku from the PDP could be traced to this political mystification in 2007 against former President Olusegun Obasanjo . Though, some still believe that Tinubu is a political manipulator that can sell the votes of South West to PDP in 2015 as regard to what happened in 2011elections against the former ACN Presidential candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. APC leadership is surrounded with both PDP and APGA defectors with callous interests to make Nigeria ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan.It is God that brought Jonathan to power not man. APC is regarded as Boko Haram party which has prompted Tinubu to join the race of Presidential ambition than Vice- President Position. Even in APC, democracy is not entrenched let alone the PDP. Nigeria is still young in democracy but not in leadership. 15 years of democracy has not offered Nigeria any better leadership in the country than democratic violence.

With the recent APC registration exercise across the country indicated that the party has admitted bad eggs into the party than good leaders. PDP defectors have nothing to offer the APC than instigating violence across the country. Even some PDP members are parts of the security threats in the North. The massive defectors of PDP from the House of Representatives and Senate which the Supreme Court has ordered all defectors to resign their membership has continued to generate dust in the political circle in recent times. The fact remains that President Goodluck Jonathan will finish his second tenure which elapses in 2019. The so-called APC faithful accusing the PDP as the worst government but also failed to understand that their various governments set up in their various states have also impoverished their elect orates. The era of Buhari or Tinubu is over in Nigeria. The ongoing National confab set up by President Jonathan has able to trend on peace than disunity. Jonathan is not the problem of PDP or Nigeria but some power brokers want the disunity of the country by all means. If the United State of America (USA) prediction is nothing to go by in 2015 against break up or division then opposition parties should toe the line of peace than violence. PDP is not a saint because the founding fathers have laid wrong foundation for the new emerging politicians in the country. None of the Nigeria political parties have provision for the Nigerian youth.

Neither the PDP nor the APC should see politics as do or die affairs but to unite Nigeria as one. If Dubai can attract their country for tourism and industry, apart from oil then what Nigeria is waiting for than some callous leaders sponsoring Boko Haram claiming to be against western education? Since the emergence of these dreaded insurgents, over 20,000 innocent Nigerians have been killed while property worth billions of naira destroyed. Boko Haram insurgents will not stop Jonathan from running for second term. There was no written document that said Jonathan must run for one tenure.

Rt Hon. Rotimi Ameachi remains a leader with intellectual integrity but failed to admit his mistake against the person of Jonathan as the commander of the country. Jonathan only cannot fight the insurgents plaguing the northern parts of Nigeria than APC joining forces to end the insecurity threats in the country. 2015 elections will be the best if all political leaders will agree on creative leadership than violence. PDP belongs to zoning while APC belongs to endorsement. The media should not be used by these desperate politicians to destabilize the country in 2015 against Jonathan. Jonathan is just an individual from the minority area and nothing more.

It is not compulsory that President Jonathan must be the President in 2015 or as a Presidential candidate of the PDP but a reliable person must be voted into power to change Nigeria to Dubai. APC leaders must mind their political comments on social media and other media to avoid political instability. The media is meant to expose weaknesses of government not to create political animosity. PDP must also avoid political manipulations in 2015 across the PDP dominating states likewise the APC too. Obasanjo’s letter and other social critics should be taken to political cleaners to avoid another civil war of 1967. OPC, Egbesu, Niger- Deltan militants, Biafra, Arewa, MOSOB, Boko Haram should hold their peace and embrace amnesty of President Goodluck Jonathan.


Written By Godday Odidi


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